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In 2007, I was contacted by Richard Loveday from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. He was conducting comprehensive interviews with prominent people from the 'counter culture' of the sixties for a V&A sound archive. He visited me in Devon and interviewed me over two days, just me, him and a sound engineer. This went into their sound archive and then he persuaded me to donate my older work to the V&A. This I did. So instead of them going mouldy in my damp house hidden away in drawers they are now in their collection, hidden away in their drawers in an atmospherically controlled  environment . To be fair they did get a few of them out for the recent Pink Floyd show and one for the "Art of the Revolution" exhibition. In this photo taken by Jonathan Hill, I am on the left, Steven Calloway in the middle and Richard Loveday on the right looking at the work I took to London to hand over. Some of the pieces can be found on my other site at

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